Vercel as our go-to choice for hosting


Vercel is a platform that integrates with Next.js, aiming to provide a balance between performance and usability. It offers features for both development phase and production hosting, with a focus on scalability and efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Next.js Integration: Vercel is designed to support Next.js applications, offering features for integration, optimization, and deployment, particularly for static and server-side rendered applications.
  • Deployment Process: Vercel's deployment process aims to streamline the development cycle, allowing for quicker iterations.
  • Performance: Vercel uses an edge network for deployments, which is intended to reduce latency and improve loading times.
  • Scalability: The platform is designed to support both small and large-scale projects, adapting to varying traffic demands.
  • Developer Interface: Vercel provides an interface with feedback mechanisms and integration options, targeting improved development efficiency.
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery: Vercel includes features for automated builds and deployments, facilitating continuous integration and delivery.
  • Preview Environments: Vercel offers preview environments for each pull request, allowing for live testing and review before production.
  • Preview Comments: The platform includes a feature for team members to leave comments on deployment previews, aiming to enhance collaboration and communication in development processes.


The use of Vercel for hosting is based on its integration capabilities with Next.js, deployment processes, performance considerations, and features like preview comments. Vercel is designed to offer solutions for web development, focusing on both development and hosting aspects.