Storyblok: A Cloud-Based CMS with Visual Editing Capabilities


Storyblok is a cloud-based content management system that provides a visual editing interface and flexible content creation capabilities. This analysis evaluates Storyblok's features and their potential impact on content management workflows.

Key Benefits:

  • Visual Builder and Editor:Storyblok offers a visual builder and editor that allows users to create and modify content within the context of their website or application. This feature has the potential to streamline content management processes by providing a more intuitive editing experience.
  • Flexible Content Creation:Storyblok employs a block-based approach to content creation, enabling users to define custom content types and structures. Through their partnership program, Storyblok users have access to an increased block limit of 600, compared to the standard limit of 200 blocks. This enhanced block limit may provide greater flexibility in creating diverse content experiences.
  • Media Management:Storyblok includes a media library that supports the management of various media types, such as images, videos, and documents. This feature aims to facilitate the organization and accessibility of media assets within the content management workflow.
  • Cloud-Based Architecture:Storyblok operates on a cloud-based platform, which is designed to provide secure and scalable content storage and delivery. This architecture eliminates the need for local infrastructure management, potentially reducing operational complexity.


Storyblok is a cloud-based CMS that offers visual editing capabilities and flexible content creation options. Its visual builder and editor have the potential to simplify content management workflows, while the increased block limit through the ir partnership program provides enhanced flexibility.